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Studying Forensic Psychology

UNSW offers postgraduate degrees in forensic psychology at both the masters and PhD levels:

Masters in Forensic Psychology

This course is designed for people who want to apply psychological knowledge and scientific methods to legal aspects of the justice system. For the Masters program, students are required to do coursework, professional practice, and a research thesis. The course involves a two-year, full-time commitment (or longer for part-time students). Applicants should have an honours degree in psychology.

PhD (Psychology)

The PhD program at UNSW is primarily research-based and is ideal for those interested in pursuing an academic career. The program generally takes three years to complete, during which students prepare a thesis which represents "an original and significant contribution to scientific knowledge."

Combined Masters and PhD Program

Students can also complete a 4-year degree that combines a PhD with a Masters in Forensic Psychology degree. 


For information regarding studying either a masters, PhD or the combined program in forensic psychology, please see the UNSW Forensic Masters or the Wentworth Forensic Clinic.



The Forensic Psychology Lab is part of the School of Psychology at UNSW Sydney.