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13 June 2018

UNSW Forensic Psychology is looking for PhD students!

The Scientia Scholarship scheme is targeted at PhD candidates that are qualified to honours level but that also have additional work experience in research, government or industry. The very generous reenumeration is tax-free and designed to attract PhD candidates that have professional experience in areas relating to the proposal.

This is a unique scheme that promises to bridge the gap between government, industry and academia to develop solutions to important problems.

The topic of this thesis is open to negotiation, but we hope that it can contribute to understanding how the best available human and machine solutions to face identification can be combined to deliver optimal systems. We are looking for people with training/experience in cognitive science broadly, so it is open to computer scientists and psychologists.

The advert for this position is below. Closing date is Friday 20th July.

If you would like more information please contact David White or visit: https://www.2025.unsw.edu.au/apply/scientia-phd-scholarships/understanding-super-recognition-improve-face-identification-systems

UNSW Sydney Forensic Psychology Lab - PhD Opportunity

General Enquiries

For other enquires about PhD supervision and research assistant opportunities please contact either Prof. Richard Kemp, Associate Professor Kristy Martire or Dr. David White.

We also recruit paid participants to complete our studies. Please email Christel Macdonald.





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