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UFIG - Unfamiliar Face Identification Group

UNSW Sydney Forensic Psychology Lab - ufig 2016 Meeting

The Unfamiliar Face Matching Research Meeting is a forum focusing on both theoretical and applied aspects of unfamiliar face matching. It provides an opportunity to bring together users and developers of Automatic Face Recognition software, with researchers interested in the performance of the human operators working with these systems, and lawyers interested in the legal implications of this technology. This work is of both academic interest to researchers in the field of face recognition and of practical significance to those who use these systems to identify customers, passengers, citizens or offenders.

The meeting is designed to provide an informal setting where the latest research findings can be revealed in brief and accessible presentations, followed by wide ranging discussions of the practical, legal and theoretical implications of the work.

In the last few years Australia has emerged as a world-leader in this type of applied face processing research. We hope that this meeting will provide the opportunity for everyone to contribute to the continued success of the collaborative work that has been taking place in this field.


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